Mark Woods has written several best-selling parenting books

Planet Parent: The World’s Best Way To Bring Up Your Children 

The core challenges facing parents are the same everywhere, but how each country tackles them is very different. In Planet Parent, Mark Woods meets tiger mothers, stay-at-home dads, hover parents and boomerang babies, pulling together the very best parenting advice in the world.

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Pregnancy for Men: The expectant dad’s guide to the whole 9 months

 You’re having a baby! She’s pregnant, which means you’re pregnant. Not literally of course, but you’ll be slap bang in the middle of nine months of flying hormones, back rubs, and too much talk of childbirth – you’re in for the ride of your life. And you’re going to be a dad. Fatherhood is just around the corner – are you ready?

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Babies and Toddlers for Men: From Newborn to Nursery 

A brilliantly witty guide that gives modern fathers the information, tips and advice they need to look after their baby or toddler, to support the mother and to remain sane in their new role as dad. Covering the first three years of a child’s life, from newborn babe, the terrible twos and to toddlerdom, this survival guide is a must-have for new and old dads.

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About Mark 

Mark Woods

Mark Woods


Mark started his writing career as a news journalist for the UK’s national news agency the Press Association. 

After covering everything from the war in Kosovo to a pair of brave pigs escaping from an abattoir, a move into television followed where he attempted to make ONdigital and then ITV Digital a huge success.

The enormous corporate disaster that followed allowed Mark to concentrate on writing and he joined Comic Relief where he’s helped to make the charity’s biggest fundraising moments  

The birth of his first son inspired Mark to write the best-selling Pregnancy for Men which has since gone on to become an international best seller.
Babies and Toddlers for Men, published in spring 2012, mixes the wisdom of experienced fathers and the latest research with Mark’s many mistakes to help the modern day Dad make the best fist of the most important and enjoyable job he will ever have.

His third book Planet Parent looked at the world’s best ways of bringing up children.

All three titles have established Mark as the exact opposite of a parenting expert – as his wife and three children know only too well.


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