Episode 1: Charlie Brooks

Nov 16, 2018

As  Janine in Eastenders, actor Charlie Brooks has been central to some of the soap’s most memorable moments.  She talks to Planet Parent about dramas and fears on the home front, and how a passion for musical theatre has given her teenage daughter Kiki focus.

About This Episode

In this honest and entertaining chat about family life, conversation soon turns to technology – in particular the vice-like grip her mobile phone had on daughter Kiki when she first got one aged 11 for keeping in touch with her mum and dad when going to and from school.

Charlie reflects on the transition to secondary school, and how, despite mourning the ‘loss’ of her little girl, she had to find new strategies to manage her relationship with Kiki – especially when her mobile phone opened up new friendships and forums for communicating.

Having open and honest communication between them has been key to keeping their own relationship healthy and trusting, even when it hasn’t always been easy to take a consistent line when it comes to offering guidance on social media; Charlie is separated from Kiki’s dad Tony and despite still being very amicable (they have flats in the same building in London) co-parenting presents its own challenges and they don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to sharing in the digital world.

Despite the challenges, Charlie emphasises the positive aspect of being connected to the internet – it has enabled Kiki to explore her burgeoning passion for musical theatre, an interest she feels has helped to give her a valuable focus away from WhatsApp and Instagram.




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