Episode 2: Gary Turk

Nov 16, 2018

Mark talks to filmmaker Gary Turk whose film Look Up, about our addiction to our mobile phones, struck a chord all over the world and has been viewed by over half a billion people worldwide. Gary and Mark discuss the challenges for children experiencing life through the lens of social media.

About This Episode

You may not have heard of Gary Turk, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen his soul.  In 2014, then a runner and budding screenwriter, Gary uploaded a film that changed his life and stopped many millions more in their tracks. Look Up, a response to an addiction to his phone that was controlling his life, struck a very raw nerve and has clocked up over half a billion views on YouTube alone. 

Gary and Mark discuss the moment the idea was conceived and what happened next. And it’s one hell of a story. Since it became a viral sensation, Gary has been travelling the world discussing the film – from speaking to school children in over 50 countries to starring in an Australian TV commercial warning drivers about the risks of looking at their phones while driving. 

Despite the cautionary tale of Look Up, Gary is sanguine about the role of screens and shares his thoughts after years talking to experts, businesses and institutions all over the world.

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